Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our product packaging is made from recyled materials.
Fully ready to be recycled once you have fed your dog.

Our food tubs are made from recycled material.

Our food tubs are made from previously recycled material, meaning that it's already had one use and is now serving it's next purpose as a 500g tub to hold our delicious raw dog food. Our tubs are made from eco-pet which is fully recyclable and can be placed straight in to your recycling bin.

Why did we ditch our cardboard sleeves?

Quite simply, although our cardboard outer sleeves looked great on our product there is the concern that they are not so good for the environment. A majority of our customers felt the cardboard sleeves added an enormous amount of additional cardboard to their recycling bins. With this in mind, we had to find a balance in reducing any wastage and maintaining a product which looked good in pet stores across the country. Introducing our new colour labels. Our new labels reduce wastage considerably and are fully recyclable, the production resources that go in to making our labels has also been reduced when compared to that of a cardboard sleeve, plus, we think they still look pretty awesome!

More updates coming soon...