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Oscar's Variety Bundle

Oscar's Variety Bundle

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Our popular Oscar Variety Bundle has always been a firm favourite for many of our customers. We've got 22 mouth-watering meals, all in one bundle! You'll get a scrumptious selection of 4 different Wolf Tucker meals, all carefully chosen by our team here at Wolf Tucker!

No more confusion about which meal will provide your pup with the most nutritional value. This bundle is everything you need.

We've got you covered with this complete, nutritious, and balanced bundle.


8 Packs of Beef & Tripe Meal (500g)
8 Packs of Chicken & Tripe Meal (500g)
4 Packs of Primal Chicken Meal (500g)
2 Packs of Chicken & Beef Meal (500g)


  1. Beef & Tripe Meal
  2. Chicken & Tripe Meal
  3. Primal Chicken Meal
  4. Chicken & Beef Meal
  5. Chicken & Tripe Meal
  6. Beef & Tripe Meal
  7. Chicken & Beef Meal
  8. Chicken & Tripe Meal
  9. Primal Chicken Meal
  10. Beef & Tripe Meal
  11. Chicken & Tripe Meal
  12. Beef & Tripe Meal

Animal proteins and fats are the most important factor in your dog’s diet; through each life stage they support the canine body and mind. We recommend feeding a variety of protein sources to create a balance in your dog’s diet.

Suitable for adult & puppy dogs. A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food. Working dog food. BARF

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