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Tripe Selection Bundle (22 x 500g)

Tripe Selection Bundle (22 x 500g)

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Ready for a treat? Our Tripe Selection Bundle has two varieties and is the paw-fect feast for your four-legged friend! With a whopping 22 meals to keep those tails wagging!

Bundle 1 - Meals For Days!

7 x Beef & Tripe Meal (500g)
8 x Chicken & Tripe Meal (500g)
7 x Naked Green Tripe (500g)

Bundle 2 - Just Tripe!

22 x Naked Green Tripe (500g)

It's more than just food, it's complete and balanced nutrition in every bite! Your pooch deserves the best!

Green tripe is a highly nutritious food source for dogs and is considered a superfood due to its many benefits. Our Green tripe is the stomach lining of cows (beef). It is called green tripe because it is unbleached and unprocessed, and it contains all the essential nutrients that dogs need.

Green tripe is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics, all of which are beneficial for a dog's health. The protein in green tripe is highly digestible and contains all of the essential amino acids that dogs need to build and maintain muscle mass. The essential fatty acids in green tripe help to support healthy skin and coat, as well as brain function.

Moreover, Green Tripe is an excellent source of digestive enzymes, which help to break down food and aid in digestion. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that have digestive issues or suffer from food allergies. The probiotics in green tripe help to support a healthy gut flora, which is essential for proper digestion and overall health.

In summary, Green Tripe is an excellent addition to a dog's diet. It is highly nutritious and contains essential nutrients that support a dog's overall health and well-being.

Animal proteins and fats are the most important factor in your dog’s diet; through each life stage they support the canine body and mind. We recommend feeding a variety of protein sources to create a balance in your dog’s diet.

Suitable for adult & puppy dogs. A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food. Working dog food. BARF

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