Storing, Defrosting and Handling Wolf Tucker Raw Dog Food


  1. Defrosting Wolf Tucker
    a. Defrosting In The Fridge
    b. Defrosting In The Microwave
  2. Storing Wolf Tucker BARF meals in the fridge
  3. Handling Wolf Tucker Raw Dog Food

Defrosting Wolf Tucker

In line with advice from the Food Standards Agency, we outline a couple of ways in which you can defrost Wolf Tucker raw dog food. We personally only use and only recommend defrosting in the fridge.

IMPORTANT: You should never defrost frozen meat products at room temperature as this encourages bacteria growth.

Defrosting Wolf Tucker in the fridge:

Defrosting Wolf Tucker in the fridge is the best option. A 500g tub of Wolf Tucker, taken from the freezer and placed on the bottom shelf of the fridge, will take approximately 10 to 12 hours to fully defrost.

Can I defrost Wolf Tucker in the microwave?

We would advise against defrosting in the microwave. However, if you really need to do so please use the "weight defrost" option on your microwave to defrost our food.

Remember, you should never defrost raw meat at room temperature.

Storing Wolf Tucker BARF meals in the fridge

All raw meat should be stored on the bottom shelf of your fridge, as per the Food Standards Agency guidelines.

Please remember to follow our raw food handling handling procedures, outlined below, every time you serve Wolf Tucker.

The bottom line is that Wolf Tucker uses only human-grade ingredients and you are no more at risk from handling and feeding your dog Wolf Tucker than you are from making a roast chicken dinner or any other meal where raw meat is prepared.

In all the millions of raw food meals that have been served to pets, over many decades, there has not been one reported case of raw dog food passing on or causing an illness in their owners. Not a single case.

Handling Wolf Tucker Raw Dog Food

The Wolf Tucker team advise you to follow the recommendations outlined by the Food Standards Agency when handling our raw dog food products.
The advice for handling our raw dog food is exactly the same as for handling raw meats you use to cook for yourself:

    • Keep our raw dog foods frozen until ready to use.
    • Do not re-freeze Wolf Tucker once defrosted.
    • Our raw dog food will maintain optimum freshness for 3 days in your fridge.
    • Ensure you wash your dogs feeding bowls thoroughly after use.
    • Thoroughly clean all utensils, equipment and surface.
    • After washing your dogs feeding bowls, wash your hands in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly.