Approved by Defra 42/059/8003 ABP/PTF

How It All Began

Although we have always fed our dogs on a high quality commercial diet there always seemed to be something missing as far as we were concerned. The food we were buying had everything you would think your dog and you need. Scientifically and nutritionally balanced, complete, easy to follow guidelines and something that appeals most to humans... convenience.

We would buy the food and our dogs would eat it - easy! However, even though this was the case, closer attention to the food following an issue with one of our dogs really concerned us. The scientific gobbledygook on the label, the wide variety of chemicals and the highly processed nature coupled with the “fizzing” of the food when adding water to it only served to heighten our concern.

Not only this but, collectively the dogs had scruffy coats, brittle claws and stains on their teeth; to name just a few of the problems they were suffering from. We did what any dog owner would do and started researching all we could to establish the best possible food we could give our dogs. It was here that we came across Dr. Ian Billinghurst and his studies into BARF raw feeding.

The concept behind feeding your dog a natural raw food diet has been around for many years - in fact it goes right back to the beginning of evolution, whereas, processed dog food has not.

And what could be more natural and nutritional than raw meaty bones, fruit, vegetables and natural supplements? All of which provide your dog with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require to lead a happy and healthy life. We looked around for UK suppliers of raw dog food but, having had such an experience with our own dogs, we decided to create our own; only then could we be 100% sure of the quality and attention our dogs deserved.

What started out for us as a very personal need to improve the health, quality and longevity of our own dogs lives, soon expanded to the pets of our friends and family. Before long, we were receiving requests from their friends and great testimonials for our food from across the country. Wolf Tucker was born.

We at Wolf Tucker have created an affordable and natural BARF diet for canines which provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals which your dog needs to improve and maintain their health and well-being. Only human grade meat and seasonal vegetables are used, these are then prepared, specifically in small batches to maintain the consistency and quality synonymous with our brand.

We are a UK based supplier and we can assure our customers that all our ingredients are human grade and sourced from DEFRA approved UK Farms. We would never use battery-farmed sources for any of our ingredients.

We make no comprises on quality, ingredients or manufacture to provide the very best BARF raw food we can for your (and our) dogs.