Dog Food Calculator

Our Food and Sprinkles Calculators

With our raw dog food calculator we have made it easy for you to calculate the amount of food and/or sprinkles your dog should be consuming daily/per meal. Whether a puppy or an adult our dog food calculator will give you the information you are searching for.

If you are unsure of your dog's daily intake of food please use our 'daily intake' calculator above first, and then come back to calculate your dog's sprinkle intake per meal

Why is it particularly important to calculate your dogs daily intake of food accurately? to answer this question, in short you do not want to over or under feed our dogs as this can lead to being over/underweight and cause health issues. Bloating can also lead to serious health issues such as a twisted gut etc. It is worth noting that our raw dog food calculator is designed to give you an estimated daily intake figure, and we use the very same calculator when advising our customers on the phone or in person. If however your dog has allergies, or health conditions please do contact us so we can take this in to consideration as it may alter the suggested daily requirement. Our raw food calculator for dogs should be used as a guide.