We have put this section together to hopefully answer any questions you have regarding our products and feeding raw dog food. We update this section on a regular basis, based on questions we receive from customers.

If you have any furhter questions at all regarding Wolf Tucker or the raw feeding of dogs using the BARF diet then please do contact us.

Why does Wolf Tucker recommend feeding your dog raw natural food?

Our canine friends are designed to eat what nature intended. So what did nature intend? The ancestry wolf diet consists mainly of meat, muscle, fat, bone and organs. The contents of the stomach of their prey would contain fruit, berries and other vegetable matter. Of course this would not have been cooked! The cooking process destroys the many benefits that the diet has to offer. So you see this diet is the most instinctive there is to offer your dog. Here at Wolf Tucker we ensure that the nutritional needs of you dog are met through using natural foods and methods. There are no additives in any of our products.

We've produced a comprehensive and absolutely free Wolf Tucker raw feeding guide to provide more information on why we believe raw feeding is the optimum way of caring for your dog.

Would you recommend cooking Wolf Tucker?

Absolutely not! Your dog, however big or small was built to eat raw food. Cooking will only damage the quality of the food by destroying enzymes and reducing the qunatity of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Freezing and defrosting the food does not have the same impact.

Why do you include raw ground bone in Wolf Tucker?

The benefits of including bone in our foods are amazing! The correct portion is given to provide your dog with an excellent source of minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, and enzymes. They are also a balanced source of calcium, phosphorus and a natural source of chondroitin.

Why do you suggest feeding a range of variable meals and bones?

As with a human diet, getting the correct vitamins and minerals is all about balancing your meals. No one meal can fulfil all your nutritional needs. Wolf Tucker believes this theory is also true with dogs. We suggest feeding a range of our meals thus giving your dog all the benefits of variable meats, including organs and bone. Alongside the meat in our foods are the carefully selected fruit, vegetables and natural additives that promotes a further healthy wellbeing for your dog. We also believe that eating the exact same thing every day may contribute to the development of allergies or lack of interest at feeding time. We recommend substituting a couple of meals a week with a raw meaty bone, this as well as providing all the benefits as previously listed enables your dog to have a good workout! Top to toe, including teeth cleaning! Why not try ordering our variety pack? This box has been carefully selected to provide an all round complete balance of nutrition for your dog, packed in an optimised way to reduce the footprint on the environment.

Is my dog at risk from developing infections by eating raw meat?

There are many myths about the safety of feeding raw meat to dogs. It is a fact that it is not the raw meat that is the problem but the source it has arrived from and the condition it is kept in. It is important that our guidance regarding storage and hygiene is followed both for the safety of you and your dog. A dog is also less susceptible to contracting infections such as salmonella than a human as their digestive system is dramatically different and built to process raw food.

Should I take any special precautions when feeding my dog raw bones?

Your raw bones can be fed straight from the freezer or defrosted. We recommend supervising your dog whilst they are eating their raw bones. Although splintering is unlikely when feeding your dog the specially selected Wolf Tucker bones, we do recommend that you supervise your dog when feedign raw bones. It is vitally important that you do not cook the bones as this does not only lessen the nutritional value but increases the risk of splintering. NEVER feed your dog any type of cooked bone.

You claim your food is all human grade, what does that mean?

Every ingredient that goes into Wolf Tucker is human grade. It has been carefully selected and is traceable back to its original source. We have to follow strict guidelines as set out by law. This means you are guaranteed that everything that you are putting into your dog is actually good enough for you to eat, in fact our supplies also supply the restaurant trade so you are already eating most of the ingredients! We have put it to the test ourselves by trying many of the ingredients! However all Wolf Tucker meals are meant for animal consumption only.

I know your food is all human grade, but what about its origin?

The meat we use in our meals is sourced from reputable supplies because we also do not want to use a lower priced product, the same being said for all the ingredients we use. The whole reason for starting Wolf Tucker was to introduce a healthier food for our own dogs, one that contained all the nutrients they require but, didn't subject them to the more negative side of the commercial foods available. We do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. All our ingredients are from DEFRA registered sources in the UK and we never ever use battery or intesive farmed ingredients.

How finely does Wolf Tucker grind the bone in their meals?

The bone that is included in some of our meals is ground using 6mm plates for adults and 4mm plates for puppies. This method helps your dog absorb the important nutrients of the bone.

My dog appears to be drinking less, is this normal?

Many owners are worried when they see that their dog is drinking less, but this is completely normal for a dog fed on the raw food diet. Various health issues are related to a lack of moisture in a dog’s diet. The most effective way of your dog obtaining moisture is through what he eats. However, you should always provide your dog with access to clean drinking water.

How long will Wolf Tucker keep for?

Your food has been frozen in an industrial grade freezer, possibly one of the best methods of preservation. It will keep happily in a family freezer for up to 9 months unopened. Once you have defrosted your dog’s meal this will keep in a fridge for up to 3 days.

What changes will I see in my dog’s stools?

Because raw feeding is highly digestible and does not contain any fillers you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of stools your dog produces. You will also notice that they may appear to be producing harder stools. This is because of the bone in the raw food regime. It is beneficial in so much that it naturally helps to keep the anal sacs clean and empty. There will also be less odour to the stools.....an added bonus!

I am trying to order food and shipping has come up as £100!

Our minimum order quantity is 6kg which equates to 12 Packets of 500g Wolf Tucker.

The reason why the shipping has come up with £100 because you have ordered below the minimum order. As soon as you adjust your order to 6Kg the true shipping cost will be shown.

Do you use green or white tripe?

We use green tripe in our foods.

Do I need to feed a mixer biscuit with Wolf Tucker?

Our ready meals of Wolf Tucker provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs, therefore there is no reason to supplement with any other meal. We suggest feeding a mix of our different varieties to get a balanced diet.

Do you deliver to the Isle of Wight?

Yes we can ship to the Isle of Wight under the same terms and conditions as our mainland delivery.

What is your Primal range?

Our PRIMAL range is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs alike. It includes offal and we suggest feeding this at least once or twice a week.